Ultra Thin LED Light Box

Indoor light boxes have come a long way... 

  • Single sided boxes are .75" slim
  • Sleek black aluminum frame has classic yet modern design
  • Energy-efficient LED grid panel (LGP)
  • LGP technology disperses light for even brightness
  • Snap frame design allows for easy backlit print changes
  • Protective clear acrylic keeps prints safe and cool to the touch
  • Every light box includes a UL listed, 120V standard adapter and plug
  • 36" aircraft cable and decorative standoffs for mounting
  • Sizes in stock: 12" x 24" / 15" x 30" / 18" x 36" / 20" x 30" / 24" x 36"
    (Light box sizes listed refer to print size - ask about custom sizes)

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